It is rare in the literature to see it recognised that a standard deviation, or variance,of values in a dataset is, just as the mean is, an estimate of a population value.It can be salutory to see how wide the confidence interval around these estimates arefor small datasets

Computational background

Ignore this next bit if you don't like equations!

The CI around an observed SD

The formula for CI around an observed SD in R code is from:

SD * sqrt(n - 1) / sqrt(qchisq(1 - ((1 - ci) / 2), n - 1))


SD * sqrt(n - 1) / sqrt(qchisq((1 - ci) / 2, n - 1))

Typesetting that with MathJax is not beautiful but is:

$$SD * \sqrt{\frac{n-1}{qchisq((1 - (1 - ci) / 2), (n-1)}}$$


$$SD * \sqrt{\frac{n-1}{qchisq((1 - ci) / 2, (n-1)}}$$

where 'qchisq(p, df)' is the quantile of the chisquare function for that df (degrees of freedom, i.e. n - 1)

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