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This gives you all four recognised ways of getting a confidence interval around an observed Spearman correlation. The four options come from two binary choices. The first is whether to look up the coverage quantile from the t distribution (with n - 2 degrees of freedom) which is the default, or from the Gaussian distribution.

The other option is whether to use the equation of Bonett & White (2000) for the SE of the correlation or to use the equation of Fieller, Hartley & Pearson (1957)

I have set the defaults here to use the Bonett & White method with the t distribution, matching the defaults in the getCISpearman() function in the CECPfuns package

Both methods are approximations and all four approaches are known give poor coverage for n < 25 or for very strong correlations (i.e. absolute correlation > .9) Having said that, the methods are moderately robust for n > 25 and abs(rs) < .9 and if all you have is the observed correlation and the n it's as good as you can get. If you have the raw data I recommend you use a bootstrap CI of the correlation. I'll put up an app to do that when I can.

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