Your input and results

Here are the sample statistics for your sample

Here is the histogram of those data

The vertical reference line is the sample mean. The red curve is a smoothed fit to the distribution of the data (don't ask!) and the blue line is a perfect Gaussian distribution with mean of the observed mean of the sample and SD that of the sample, i.e. the nearest fitting Gaussian shape to the observed sample statistics.

Next is the plot of the ecdf (empirical cumulative density function) of those data

Here again the vertical reference line is the sample mean and the ecdf curve shows how the proportions of the data with values up to the x-axis value rise across the sample.

And finally the qq (quantile-quantile) lot of the same data

The qq plot plots how the observed proportions up to an observed score (as in the ecdf plot) map onto those which would have been expected had the distribution been Gaussian but with mean and SD those seen in the sample (the solid straight diagonal line). The grey shaded area is the 95% interval around the perfect fit (based on the sample size).

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